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Salsbury-Schweyer sends out quarterly E-journals to clients and friends detailing garden tips, news and events of interest. View a recent edition  or sign up to receive these e-mailings.

2020 Spring E-Journal

2019 Winter E-Journal



Sabrena occasionally does Facebook Live Events such as “Growing Eco-Mindful Gardeners: In the Garden with Sabrena".  Be sure to visit our Facebook page to be advised of all upcoming events.


Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc offers many opportunities for both amateurs and professionals to learn from the experience of the company's principals. Sabrena Schweyer teaches and lectures on a regular basis. 

A list of lecture topics and information on the educational services offered by Sabrena Schweyer and Samuel L. Salsbury are also available to professional and civic organizations. For additional information on these, or other upcoming public lectures, contact Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc.



Inspiration comes from visiting gardens across the globe. Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc organized a tour for clients, traveling to The Gardens of Southern England. It was such a success that we anticipate planning different tours in 2021/2022. Contact Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc if you would like to receive information about future tours.

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Fine Gardening Magazine, Matching the Colors of Your House and Garden   

Through illustrations, photographs and design tips, she explains to readers how they might select colors in their landscape to unify and enhance the overall look of their property.


CBC MagazineIn the Green- Entrepreneur Finds Healing Within Garden Spaces

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc was featured in the Cleveland-based CBC Magazine. Sustainable landscape practices and the healing power of nature are highlighted as key elements in Salsbury-Schweyer's professional philosophy.

Wall Street JournalWho Put Lettuce In My Daffodils

The Wall Street Journal printed an article called “Who Put Lettuce In My Daffodils?”, which featured a quote and tips from Sabrena.


SPLASH! MagazineGoing Native, American Style

SPLASH! Magazine, a leading international pool and spa magazine based in Australia, features photos and commentary from Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc in an article chronicling the big landscaping trend in the US is “being green by going native”. It is largely about saving water. 


Canton RepositoryA Garden Sanctuary
An award-winning garden created by Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc for a North Canton client was featured in the Canton Repository.


Currents, Award Winning Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc specializes in design    

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc graced the cover of the June edition of Currents magazine. The article details four areas in which we excel: integrating architecture, history, sustainability and spirituality into the landscape.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Frilly, flowerless ferns bring calm to a shady green garden

Sabrena was interviewed on how to beautify the shady areas of a garden for the June 09th issue, with a focus on ferns. Check out the article!


"Dos and Don'ts for a Successful Hardscape", HGTV.COM

Women in Landscaping, APLD featured member of the month

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We're making videos. You can watch our latest garden videos on our YouTube channel or check out individual videos here


Highland Square garden - another fine landscape by Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc

Sabrena Schweyer takes you on the Jacobs Garden Tour

Jacobs Garden Testimonial

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APLD bestows Fellowship to Akron landscape design expert

(August 2011) The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) recently named Samuel L. Salsbury as a Fellow at its annual International Landscape Design Conference in Cleveland. Salsbury is honored to be recognized for his work in sustainable landscape design and contributions to the APLD. Congratulations, Samuel!

Breaking New Ground: local expert in sustainable garden design selected for Ground Crew

(July 2011) Sabrena Schweyer, APLD, has been selected to participate on a panel of experts called the "Ground Crew." She joins six garden authorities to answer questions in a weekly Cleveland Plain Dealer column about creating and maintaining outdoor spaces in Northeast Ohio. Schweyer is the Ground Crew's only professional landscape designer and a recognized expert in sustainable residential landscape design.

Samuel L. Salsbury receives the 2010 APLD Harry Schuster Award

To a standing ovation, Samuel L. Salsbury was presented with The Association of Professional Landscape Designer's (APLD) prestigious "Harry Schuster Award" at their International Conference in Dallas. This is their highest honor, recognizing service to the organization and profession. Samuel, we are very proud of you. Congratulations!

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc to be Presented with International Landscape Design Award

Salsbury Schweyer, Inc was chosen by the Perennial Plant Association to receive a Landscape Design Honor Award at their annual symposium in Portland, Oregon on July 20th. The Perennial Plant Association is an international professional association dedicated to the perennial industry. A judging panel of horticulture, design, and perennial professionals identify designs worthy of Merit or Honor Award status. This award winning landscape by Salsbury and Schweyer was created as a sanctuary for a family in North Canton. &#x20If I could spend time in only one place”, declared Pam Grady, the garden’s owner, “it would be my backyard…We enjoy our garden immensely and are so glad that we chose Salsbury-Schweyer. The beauty continues with each passing year.”

Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc Build Beauty and Sustainability into Affordable Housing

Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer, co-owners of Salsbury-Schweyer Inc., have joined a team of design professionals to work with Habitat for Humanity in building a LEED certified home in the North Canton area. Salsbury and Schweyer will be serving as the project’s landscape design specialists in order to ensure the house’s surrounding green space is both beautiful and environmentally sustainable.


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