Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc


Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc is a landscape design and development group serving local and national clients from their offices in Akron, Ohio. The combined talents of its principals form a company that stands apart, one capable of building fine landscapes of the highest quality, artistry and "essence."

From their initial collaboration in 1993, Samuel L. Salsbury, of Salsbury Builders Inc, and Sabrena Schweyer, of Gardens by Sabrena, discovered that their individual approaches to the landscape are quite different, yet complementary. Most importantly, they recognized a common vision: to create fine gardens that whisper deep into the souls of those who enter. And so Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc was formed, a landscape design and development group committed to addressing not only the art and science of the garden, but also the spirit.

This merging of talents provides Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc with the professional, creative and technical means to assure their clients the highest quality and vision in their gardens and landscapes. Today, and many awards later, Ms. Schweyer and Mr. Salsbury continue to provide personalized garden design and landscape creativity with the help of a small but talented group of professionals. Every garden is an individual experience, whether large or small, public or private.

"Sabrena and Samuel are two of my favorite garden designers. Their gardens are elegant, sophisticated, and free-spirited, and are always a delight to photograph."

Ian Adams
Ian Adams Photography

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